Someone here who lives in Taiwan or Asia?

Hi All,
someone here in the Academy who lives in Taiwan - or other places in Asia?
Happy to connect with you directly, if you do not mind that I am a senior-student (not young developer-freak…) I am mainly interested in how to use Crypto for investment and doing finance in an international living-environment. We are heading towards tough times, that what it looks like. Good to be connected with people a similar mindset, and some understanding whats going on out there…
Ursula @ Taiwanprincess

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Hi @Taiwanprincess,
My name is Bola although I am not in Taiwan or Asia but from London,United Kingdom,what I can help you with is further discussion on my own field and how to spot a potential cryptocurrencies that will be good for Portfolio diversification.

I have 14years experience in the Financial Markets Space and I have been looking at Crypto since the inception of Bitcoin.

Therefore if it sound like we may ruminate then do not hesitate to drop me a line.

There is a lot that can be done when like minded ignites.

HI my name is Vincent and I do lives in Taiwan right now. I arrived in Taiwan from U.S. on 6/6/2020 and start taking Ivan 's classes during my 14 days of mandatory isolation. I started my crypto journey back in 2017 bull market. If you would like to find a way to start crypto life in Taiwan we should have plenty to discuss.

Agreed! Tough times are on the horizon (for fiat currencies).

I live in Cambodia (from the UK originally). 20+ years software engineering experience and ‘just’ (2 years ago) beginning my Blockchain technology / crypto journey. I am currently a Blockchain Technology advisor for a Singaporean FinTech startup. I am on the hunt for contracting work right now in Blockchain. Here is my LinedIN:

Do please reach out and connect!