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Dear Ivan, team, forum members,

I am busy with the first part of the Javascript course.
Today I had to restart my computer because a program froze, now when I go to JS course ‘continue where you left off’, it sends me to JS next level, while I was still busy with the first part.

Can’t go back to the section where I actually was, can someone help me get back to where I was? Would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hi Daan,

Can you not go to the main course index page, find the lecture you want to go back to and click on that? That should return you to a previous lecture and you can watch the video again, if there is one, or access the information for an assignment etc.

If that doesn’t work, then could you explain in a bit more detail what the problem is. I’ll open my academy and maybe we can walk through it together?



Hey John,

When I go to my courses, ‘continue where you left off’ and then Javascript course, it sends me to the second part of the course ‘Javascript next level’ while I was still busy with the first part of the course. I can’t seem to acces the first part anymore, this happened after I had to restart my computer.


At the top of the screen for the lecture it has taken you to, you should see a “path”. Click on the first part “JavaScript Programming for Blockchain Developers”. That should take you to an index of all the lectures…can you do that?

From there you should be able to find the lecture you want to go back to and access it from there.

The menu on the right of the screen will only give you access to lectures in the section you are in, I think…

I’ve just had another look, and it seems that the only way to access earlier parts of the course again is to navigate using that “path” I’ve mentioned. It’s like a file path, in grey, and above the video.

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