Staking and generating income?

Hi - I am still a relative newcomer to crypto, but have bought and sold several coins. I am now wanting to explore the concept of staking and opportunities to generate income from coins.

I believe that (income generation from coins) is done thru staking?

I understand that coins like for example Akash Network (AKT) provide potentially good returns from staking. I also understand that if you have a certain amount of ETH (32, I believe?), that it also allows you to stake for eth 2(?) to create a good return.

Am I understanding correctly? How does one go about staking?

Is there a course in the academy that covers this topic? if so which one?

Thanks for your guidance and insight!


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There are multiple options and they vary depending on your holdings and patience.

  1. Staking - varies. You can stake differently at different sites.
    • Polkadot - normally 30 days staking minimum. But on kraken you can stake shorter times
      and pull at your convenience. (true on math wallet also, when you request to unbind it
      it takes 30 days). I earned more on Kraken also.
    • Kusama - normally 7 days staking.
    • Ethereum 2.0 - normal is you need to stake it until ETH 2. is live [2 years perhaps], and you can stake less than 32 eth on kraken, acropolis.
    • Akash network (AKT) - EllioTrades mentioned this.
      Instructions to setup a node:
    • - for 100 SPI, they took 10 coins, then earned 3.7 or so in a few weeks,
      to withdraw they will take another 10 coins. [So, at this point it would be a ‘loss’ to remove]
      however, the price did gain, but I would be better off hold/sell so far.
  2. Liquidity - basically currently it is providing liquidity pairs (which I would like to see change).
    - You pay for minting the pair, then for providing, then for removing and for unpairing.
    - I have made a little, but I am not sure after all the fees. So i just leave it there.
    * Uniswap, 1INCH, Compound, Balancer, SushiSwap, pancake, and perhaps look at Cosmos
    or other chains [with low fees].

I like ‘playing’ with this. I do not make much on it as the fees and I am not doing $10-$100k worth. However, I have had some airdrops like MIR [and I am guessing due to liquidity providing].

So staking is the simplest for a first step. I do some in: Polkadot, Kusama, ChainX, Matic, Sushiswap, TrustSwap, a little ETH2, BAT, I never get into Polkastarter (partly because the US is not allowed in early access/token sales), but there are pools there also that fill up. I also did some Curve.



Thanks Mark - I’ll need to dig into that!

Hi Edvins,

I wanted to earn passive income from my ETH. I do not have 32 to stake ETH, I researched and have found a nice smart contract that I am currently in. The Contract name is called - however also has different user interfaces you can use to interact with the smart contract.

The coding is public and the contract cannot be changed by the original creator. The community is awesome as well. I will say that it is a proof of weak hands contract, but it’s a great way to earn passive income without having 32 ETH to stake.

There are some videos on Youtube that you can watch to give a good idea of the smart contract. Take a look and and see if it is something you are interested in.


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Thank you Lee-Anna! I will definitely investigate! Interestingly, Just today I saw a video that was explaining tha Coinbase has opened a waiting list for staking of Ethereum 2.0 - and interestingly it does not have the 32 ETH requirement because they are pooling assets. I need to look into this as an option as well!

Thanks again Lee-Anna!


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I’ve heard of that as well. When you do your research confirm the length of time your ETH has to be locked in. The contract I mentioned does not have a lock in period, you can withdraw your ETH anytime from the contract…however the purpose of this contract is to stay in as long as you can and get the dividends as people enter and leave the contract.

Wish you all the best, if I find anything else will let you know.

P.S. - You may also like to take a look at BlockFi, you can keep some of your crypto on their platform and get paid interest in the crypto you choose. This option allows your crypto to be compounded monthly. I believe the BTC APR is 6% for less than 2 BTC.


Thank you Lee-Anna! I definitely appreciate your insight. Great point on the lock-in period. I am bullish on both BTC and ETH for the long-term, so I need to think about that.

So - I am also bullish on Akash Network for the long-term. I just found this article, which seems to describe how to stake Akash from my Ledger wallet. This may be my first try, as I really believe in this project

One thing that is still not clear to me, is how to go about selecting the best/most trustworthy Validators for delegation. Any insights to that?

Thank you!


I guess I also have another follow-on question. I understand that if the token you stake goes up in value, that is a good thing for you when you stake. What happens if your token prices goes opposite where you think and heads into a decline? are you at any point at risk of losing your tokens?


Hi Ed,

I’m not sure, I have to look into Akash as I am not familiar with it. I will look into it though.


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Let’s say you initially put in 10 ETH and that gave you 600 tokens, as more ETH comes into the contract you will earn dividends from the transactions from people entering and exiting. As well your initial 10 ETH will grow to maybe 20 ETH as more ETH come into the contract. All while your token total still stays at 600 tokens.

It is the opposite for when people exit out of the contract with respect to the amount of ETH. That same 10 ETH you put in you get the 600 tokens, as ETH is taken out of the contract you will still earn dividends from people exiting the contract but your initial 10 ETH will now maybe now go down to 5 ETH. All while your token total still stays at the 600 tokens.

I know it can be a bit confusing, I had to watch a few videos several times in order to grasp the concept.

With respect to you losing all your ETH you put in, if you have strong hands it is unlikely you will lose all your ETH as you will be earinging dividends which are paid out in ETH and also there are new measures put in place to have a floor where certain amount of transactions from another contract feeds the floor so that the contract can never hit 0 ETH.


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