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I’ve completed most of the core courses, but I am far from building my own project. I know my limitations…heck I know a little about everything but I am a master of NOTHING so I thought it would be great to create a location where we could find others to collaborate on ideas and perhaps forming partnerships to get project from concept actually to the blockchain.

I am keen to start a ‘travelhealth’ utility token for a network of healthcare providers in Egypt. I seek to target UK and european clients looking for discount but high quality healthcare and tourism and the token would be used amongst these providers. I would likely register in Malta as technically Egypt is crypto hostile.

I myself am a dental surgeon seeking licensure in Egypt with an active license in California, USA. I seek to be the bridge consultant especially for larger cases such as full mouth reconstruction and facial plastic surgeries. While I have taken C++, Solidity and advanced Ethereum programming courses…I know my limit and it is best for me to partner with another to get this project rolling. Help me restructure my ideas and perhaps partner to make this happen…or use this category as a site to drop your own project ideas finding the best partners. Cheers

On IPFS now, travelhealth.crypto

seeking developers and businesspeople who will help flesh it out and get coin on blockchain!


I think your idea to collaborate is great.I am busy learning coding now in the Academy.
I want to launch a smart contract Dapp on Etherium that will allow users to manage their Living Trust on the Blockchain. That’s as far as I have gotten. All the while working a traditional job and investing too.
Be well and follow your Crypto aspirations!


@John_Okoye why would this only be in Egypt? Perhaps it would be better to develop a protocol for providers to register on, and users would be able to access these services at a discount worldwide?

Find a token with a similar vision, and study its success/implementation. There are some insurance tokens that basically require providers to register their services, and holders of the tokens can access them in a manner that is advantageous in regards to these same services off-chain.

Hi. You are most correct. The intent is not just Egypt but worldwide…however I am in egypt so know the significant arbitrage here. I was in Cyprus last summer and they are doing this for mainly UK clients but Egypt is still less expensive. They key is providing western standard care or superior NOT in the west. You can get this also in many former east block European countries as well but that is not my area of expertise. Dentistry and facial surgery are just plain expensive in the west but also very technique and material sensitive so you can’t really just risk going to a non-western country and expect to get the same quality for less. This is why I, with active California license, would ensure we have a network of competent providers…but yes, expanding the market is definitely the objective but those quality controls must be there.

This is a great idea, I live in the US and rarely go the hospital due to ridiculous prices and substandard care. My previous dentist gave me migraines and nerve damage after a 4th molar extraction. We simply have few alternatives (luckily I live in a border town, yay Mexico!), so the need is absolutely there.

I recommend starting with a protocol. Once the system is developed, scaling it as far as providers will be the easiest part.

First identify the issues of the industry as is (you already highlighted a few, but be thorough! Consult others in the industry and collect data!). Read a few whitepapers; typically, a new token/protocol’s entire existence is answering these issues.

You will also need a concise plan of how these solutions will be implemented. This is the real work; the vision. Most people focus on the programming. Programming is a significant part, sure, but is useless without vision.

In fact, starting here, you could have most of the protocol established without ever touching code. This is probably most important. Remember, BTC was an idea before it ever launched.

Start drafting a whitepaper, it will be much easier to provide constructive criticism and collaborate against that.

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great ideas…and to be honest I have yet to read the BTC whitepaper…tsk tsk…so I better put that high up on my bucketlist.

The cost of dentistry is just getting rediculous and I am blessed that ‘life happened’ to me before Covid so I could get out of north america because I can’t imagine practicing there now…there were already far too many regulations.

say why don’t you join the directoral board on this idea? especially being on a bordertown. I know that you can get phenominal dentistry in Mexico and you also can get really bad dentistry far below the standard of care. You can get poor dentistry within the borders of USA but it will meet the minimal standards of care otherwise one simple complaint to the local regulatory authority will cause the practitioner significant grief personally, physically, and financially.

if you have the time and interest…what about finding one of those exceptional dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons practicing across the border…especially ones WITH licensure in USA but choose NOT to practice there due to regulations.

as you know all too well, with a successful project one can literally have a near infinite supply of money…and collaboration is the key to success here.

I feel a coder and one who really knows blockchain is very important to the team. Not some weekend warrior who has taken IvanonTech’s courses, such as myself…I just don’t have it at all to unilaterally even start a project much less bring this particular use case to the blockchain.

  1. I think reading the SOLVE whitepaper would also be important. That is the healthcare token and a VERY comprehensive undertaking and this project definitely is NOT seeking to compete with that but rather a small niche market.

  2. you are most correct…I am not thinking about this correctly from development. One can create the protocol and finance the project solely from the coin issuance idea alone selling the idea without even a working product. HOWEVER they key is to have some of it working in a test scenario.

I envision the TRAVEL HEALTH TOKEN as a total health protocol. You are most correct, you can just have your wisdom teeth taken out or lost some teeth and you can develop a myriad of health problems. I have been following the work of a Dr. Brendan Stacks who is an orthodontist who focuses on restoring vertical dimension by repositioning the temporomandibular joint position with oral appliances. He has treated patients successfully that no other healthcare practitioner would touch…such as successfully treating torticolis patients and even severe tourettes patients with oral appliance therapy.

Now I would not take on any cases like this…I am just pointing out knowledge is power…how 1 + 1 = 8 when you get people of like minds together.

My personal belief and the thesis for my master’s degree I am seeking to enter here in egypt is the comprehensive rehabilitation of the orofacial region and it starts with habits…your diet and exercise…those have to be addressed and are overlooked. My belief is that you should not do any soft tissue cosmetic surgery until you have have a patient’s habits fully reviewed and treated. People willing to acknowledge their shortcomings and make the lifestyle changes will do the best. Skeletal obnormalities would then be addressed. the vast majority of people do not have these issues (problems with structure under the hood). DENTAL comes next and is the keystone for everything else in the face (dental is actually a structural skeletal problem of overlooked importance). You must restore adequate function to joint position (the TM joint is highly complex) and mastication. Once that is established everything else should be icing on the cake…blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction surgery), minor facelifts, dental veneers, hair transplants…

but the base of success in my 20 year career is changing patients habits (diet and exercise) and establishing proper tooth/joint function (just too expensive)

so let’s start this project!

Good info, I will look into what you had brought up.

Keep me in the loop with this, I would love to help! I definitely fall into the use case for this project idea. My coding is getting better, but I really believe the project can develop to the point to attract better coders as the idea progresses.

good point, should put together a brief whitepaper summary on ipfs. these are the sites reserved for this project:


I’m quite serious and passionate about this but know I cannot do this alone and need coders. What I feel is essential, again, is that I am situated where there can be a real test use case providing the best care at the least expensive price here in Alexandria, Egypt.


seeking developers and businesspeople who will help flesh it out and get coin on blockchain!

I know…I am in the same boat of knowing a little about everything.

My project is getting my artwork on the block, best of luck on your token utility project John.

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Very interesting ideas - collab is one of the amazing byproducts of great people in the community.


I believe I’ve figured out who I need as equal partners: a CTO and a CFO. That would be the minimal core…problem is how to attract them and compensate them…

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Yes, one of my favorite lines is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’…however when collaborating sometimes through the ether amazing things happen … surprising oneself at times