Storing low market cap coins offline

I’m wondering how you guys securely store your low market cap coins offline? I have a Trezor 1 which doesn’t support a lot of the smaller altcoins out there. Is there an offline software wallet you use? I’m currently using Metamask with Uniswap.

Another issue I can’t seem to find a solution to is that you are currently unable to set an automatic stop loss or take profit when you use Uniswap. Because these coins are so volatile it adds to the risk when you factor in the time it could take to buy or sell once the price reaches the levels you’ve set for yourself.

Do you have a favourite tracker app you use so you are notified of any significant price changes immediately?

What software or website do you use for technical analysis of these coins? I don’t think data for every coin is available on Trading View.


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Definitely look into Javascript! There are ways to program a stoploss bot, as Uniswap is just a contract.

Here is a video of someone who has made such a program, and released it for download:

It will not work out the box, but if you are completely lost, this is a great starting point.

Of course will need JS knowledge, as well as web3.

The academy should have most of the resources to teach you.:


I’ll be looking at that video :slight_smile: thanks for sharing it! Maybe we can use it as lecture resource in the future.

Carlos Z.