!Strategy for new people! PLEASE READ AND RESPOND!

Hey guys, my names adam out of northern California USA. im brand new and wondering what your guys’ strategies are for navigating through the harder lessons. What do you do when you dont understand some of the slides or lessons? are you asking for help? if so from whom? do you guys talk to your counselors regularly? are you networking and meeting people and getting solid help from eachother on these forums? do you feel you have a community? do you feel alone in this academy?

sorry im just trying to build relationships and network with all of you because im new and feel alone and stupid because i dont understand some of the material. And the material i dont understand i am not quite sure how to navigate getting my questions answered or better understandings.

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All the ways you mention has questions are completely valid methods to study, the forum is a very nice method to ask about something, what i could suggest is to read previous or old replies that probably answer the question you are asking for, if not, just ask us! :nerd_face:

Personally when i’m still confusing about a subject, i research on internet, youtube videos, lectures or even other forums. Also by having friends on many fields can be a plus to get different point of views on a question.

The advantage on the Academy is the community, you can ask here in the forum and there are a lot of people curious to know the same and will help you figure it out. Please keep in mind, the Forum Support Team will help you through questions/issues related to the Academy, but there are some questions that we cant (like what we think about X coin or how to buy this or that), still you are free to post those kind of questions and im sure there are other students that will help you :slight_smile: (some times the support team also share his though on a subject, but it’s by free choice)

Carlos Z

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What courses are you having trouble with?