Struggling with Metamask

Hi I’m really struggling with making a deposit into MM…are there any clearer instruction videos please…there doesn’t seem to be a fox icon .I wonder if it’s updated since video

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Hi @Fluffpinkkitten , do you mean you are trying to deposit on MakerDao?

if so , you can go to oasis app , see the fox in the right.

if its not MakerDao , please clarify so that i can help you



Hey there, have you installed MetaMask on your browser?
If so, you may have to tell your browser to display the MM fox icon! Depending on browser, I may be able to help with that part…

Hi thank you. I’m doing the DeFi course and there is a section on metamask…I’ve downloaded the browser extension but then I’m totally confused as to what the guy is doing in the video…he says click on the little fox icon …there is no fox icon at all. The window doesn’t even look the same …not sure if this is a new version or something but I’m just trying to follow his steps in the instruction video…maybe play the decentralised pool lottery at the end :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I had to download chrome onto a new iMac …if that makes any difference

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weird , this extension works on Chrome and Brave (im using this one). But im happy to hear that works for you now!

Yes I’ve finally made a deposit :fairy:‍♀

So, installed metamask, deposited eth on it, but trying to withdraw gives the following error: EthQuery - RPC Error - Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{}}’

After restarting everything, I now seem to be unable to even use the next button.

what am I missing?