Stuck on functions :\

Hai, I am stuck on functions, never had enough education on algebra. Can anybody help me out?

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Hi @josh

Take a look at this:


Thanks for helping out Billy.


Hi @bisk, due to having to move my mum to a home for the elderly, I have not been able to thank you, so, Thank you! as of today I hope with your link I can get more mass on functions, watched the video several times now and I think I can give it another go…

Hi @josh.
Happy to help. I know the feeling as I haven’t used any of this kind of math for over 30 years. Lucky for us that their are some great free learning resources out there like Youtube, Khan Academy and the like. I hope everything works out well for your mum by the way.

Unfortunattely, just don’t get my head around this … FUnCtions :frowning:

Don’t stress. If you haven’t had much to do with algebra then you might find it useful to do an intro course in that first. Knowing some basic algebra may help you get your head around functions. I am no expert but here’s my suggestions.

It is Khan Academy again so if you like their style of teaching this may be good:

Another youtube video about algebra that looks popular is this:
Sorry I can’t be more help but like I said I’m no expert in this stuff either plus I’m a terrible teacher.

Good luck.