Substratum - My experiences and thoughts about the project

I am not sure how many of you know Substratum but I would like to share some of my experiences and opinions about the project, the team activity and the community itself.

For does who don’t know, Substratum is an open source project that aims to end internet censorship and make the internet free and fair place using the new blockchain technology. I have been following the progress of the project and have been active in the community for a couple of months now. I had my doubts here and there but lately with all the new updates I had to share my experience here.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to invest in this project please do not take this thread as a financial advice, as I myself cannot guarantee a complete success and wide adoption of this project.

First of I would like to say that the community is absolutely great! The telegram channel is quite active and is filled with great people and admins. Even Justin, the Co-Founder of the project sometimes comes to answer some questions in the chat!

Let’s talk about the project now. I don’t quite remember how I found out about Substratum but I know once I found the website I was very interested in the goal it tried to achieve. I read about the project (the things it wanted to solve, and the way they planed on doing it) and immediately found about their youtube channel which had already posted quite a lot of videos. The videos where looking quite nice and professional and they covered all the crucial topics of how to bypass the internet censorship in a decentralized manner.

At one point I made this video for a contest they had running. Sadly I did not won but here is the video. Its a bit outdated as it only goes up to the first public beta release of the substratum node but I would still like to share it here.

The first version of the node couldn’t do much and couldn’t be used for viewing blocked sites. But as time passed they eventually released more and more beta versions and with today’s version 0.4.1 of the beta node they have achieved something a lot of people said they would never be able to achieve! They bypassed blocked sites in countries such as China, Russia and Iran with the help of the awesome community members, (Microoo, Bastiaan) and proven their project could actually be the solution to this ever growing problem.

Here are some videos showing the power of the substratum node!

This is just a rough overview They plan on doing so much more. I haven’t even touched on the monetization part of the node, the substratum host and their new amplify ICO. There is so much it would literally take me days to write everything But in case you are interested, I highly encourage you guys to check out the project and read about it. My main goal in this thread was just give everyone chance here in the toshi times community to check for themselves about this project. I have been a fan of Ivan on Tech for quite a long time and I know he once said he planned to make a video about Substratum.

To Ivan:

@ivan, I would like to remind you about this project as I always wanted you to do a review about it. I once asked you during a live stream and it seemed you had some thoughts about it but you said its hard to know with all this new projects. Maybe now we can look at the code and the project a little better. You are definitely my idol and inspiration and would really like your opinions and thoughts. Take care Ivan. :smiley:

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