Successful Application of Lessons Learned

IVAN’s GO GO GO GO GO… youtube video on January 25th 2021 about “Narratives”

Ivan, I’m one of your paid up academy students, totally interested in your comment about “narrative” and it being DeFi for the foreseeable future.

I agree with you in the short to medium term, but sneaking up on us are other needs for the magic of DLT’s.

In ConscienceLAND we are anticipating an even larger, more universal narrative than blockchain decentralized general finance.

Tokenization beyond finance is truly the challenge and opportunity that’s becoming accessible to people on every continent. Not just banking the unbanked, but democratizing governance and solving real-world problems that the old-man bankers are denying.

People need tools to solve the Social, Environmental and Economic catastrophes arriving in their own backyards.

For now, this includes back-and-forth financial “gains” between the crypto and existing fiat world, but the “financing” need is much, much bigger, because it includes functions that money and trade simply can’t fix.

The OLD narrative is getting individually rich, dominating the unfortunate and increasing the wealth gap.

The new narrative is “floating all the boats” starting with a fresh, young set of world-inheritors, pioneers and early adopters and EARNING digitized / tokenized network-node wealth reflecting your individual V2S - Value to Society - acting in your own community as a collective citizen of borderless ConscienceLAND.

The world needs access to thousands of simple, useful BlockchainOnramps to an increasingly decentralized political, financial and social world.

In ConscienceLAND the “narrative” harmonizes the now 5 year old United Nations 17+1 Sustainable Development Goals (as guiding objectives) and the SDGtoken of Appreciation as a proof of “work” and Unit of Credit for those who #DoSomethingSDG to earn Caring Currency.

Based on your academy’s DeFi courses and instruction, we set up the to distribute the SDGtoken and we’ve even expanded on your BIG PANTS example creating a gamefied narrative and ecosystem introducing Collectable, Tradable, Usable NFT Poker Tarot Cards featuring monthly and weekly #ChangeWednesday horoscope mascots, SDG solution themes and tasks and the occasional KOL / Sustainable Celebrity.

Finally, I’m intrigued with your point about Basic Attention Token BAT currently being used as collateral in DeFi - because a potentially even greater use case for the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) of HONOUR, FREEDOM, TRUTH and VALUE to SOCIETY in cyberspace would be the staking of earned (or gained) real-world #DoSomethingSDG SDGtokens as personal collateral in DeFi, used to establish a solid, provable/verifiable track record and reputation in the trustless environment.
Interesting idea…

Clearly I’m a fan of IVAN on TECH, and we’re doing something with the learning beyond basic wealth creation and creating a problem-solving cooperative for the next generation.