Suggestion: Good Morning Crypto thread for each new episode

Would also be great to have a thread in the “Good Morning Crypto” forum for every (new) episode. This could contain:

  • A link to the livestream replay (i.e. on Twitch or where ever) and the Youtube version
  • Links to any articles discussed
  • Time stamp topic list

I would particularly be interested in the article links as these are not posted on Youtube. Due to time zone differences the livestream is usually when I’m sleeping, so I watch the Youtube version or listen to the audio version on Spotify.

These threads would also serve as a central place to discuss the topics in the stream. That would be particularly important if the Ivan On Tech channel got caught up in the censorship shenanigans and was no longer available.

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Awesome idea sir! i will noted it to let the team knows about it! Thank you!

Carlos Z.