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Welcome to the thread about Superblocks. Here you can discuss everything about the platform and potential problems that you might stumble upon.

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Please explain in detail the function cb (); and what exactly is the cb function parameter.

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I create a DApps and it create an architecture by itself… could we change it quickly after if we want? or is it not recommendable?

I’m sorry, I did not quite understand your question. Could you elaborate on that? Do you mean if you can edit the smart contract after deploying it?

Hello, my question is that if the folder tree that Superblock generates, it can be modified later, removing or adding new folders. Regards

I don’t think you can add folders or re-arrange files in superblocks atm. At least not what I’m, aware of.

Superblocks is Awesome!



We just released the v1.0 version of Superblocks Labs with a cleaner UI for those interested :slight_smile:
Find it here:

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Hello folks. I’m getting this message upon opening the view file. Any idea how I should fix it? Thank you.


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Nevermind, it’s all working fine now. After going through all files in the menu on the left, the problem somehow disappeared :slight_smile:

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Hi Filip, any action I did on Superblocks, is it on test net or on the production main net ? My main concern is that will any of my action has the potential to mess up the production main net. Thanks

If you haven’t selected the test or main net it is only in the virtual machine. You can configure the network yourself in superblocks, like we do in the coinflip dapp videos. Don’t worry about messing up the network.

Is it possible to get the view of superblocks on to an ordinary website uploaded?

No I don’t think so. You can only work with your local files in superblocks and then deploy them. As a developer you usually don’t want to work directly with production files anyway. You should keep the developing files separate until they are ready to be deployed. Unless you have a specific reason of course.

From what I see in the 1st video on Superblocks, it looks dope

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Hi Filip, thanks for your lessons on CoinFlip. I experienced this error. see below jpg.

The link with MetaMask is ok.The deal is included in Etherscan. I use External Account. But it displayed “Contract does not exist. When running the in-browser blockchain it gets wiped on every refresh.”
Is it because of Superblock version or bug ?
Is it because of “the breaking changes in Metamask, Superblock will become deprecated on December the 16th” ?
If I use “” they do not accept the source codes.
Any advice ?

Hi @vincentchia, sorry for not getting back to you. We actually don’t use superblocks anymore as it is quite outdated. Check out the new Ethereum Programming courses where we use truffle instead :slight_smile: