SuperFarm hype thoughts

The SUPER token pledge form opened up yesterday and I am excited! Has anyone had success signing up to participate (from eligible countries of course)? If so how was your experience? From my understanding it would be a random selection but the telegram is a little overwhelming and I rather ask you all instead.

:white_small_square: What are your thoughts on this new SuperFarm DeFi protocol announcement and $SUPER token?

:small_blue_diamond: For those unaware: SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol designed to bring utility to any token by turning it into an NFT farm with no code required.


I think SuperFarm is going to be very very good. Unfortunately US (and various other country) residents cannot get in the pre-sale. So I miss this one also.

Ellio is very fair person from all indications I have… Both Ivan, CryptoBanter, Ben (BitBoy), and others, and my impressions. You can go to EllioTrades channel to hear directy from him. I wish you all the best and Ellio, and I will join in ?? perhaps FOMO in. when I get the chance.

Ellio did talk about the KYC was bigger than Polkadot and the company that did both Polkadot and Superfarm their server had issues and was down. Also there was a problem with the google sheets due to the high loads.

Just beware of Ivan’s truckloads of fiat buying it all up :smile: I just hope that once it is public I can get in on it in a reasonable price.

Ellio has a couple games coming out also. And he has a background with UnrealEngine [which is one of the major game development platforms]. Fornite is one example… A list of others: And he has talked about the NFT function for sharing NFT’s between games. So that is another use case, besides the collectables and art.


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