Sustainability of the ETH network

What is the current outlook on the ability of the ETH network to sustain a massively expanding defi space over the coming years? Are there signs that the network is struggling to scale? I remember the cryptokitties situation…are we anywhere near that now?

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ETH 2.0 is coming, the transition to Proof of Stake will provide some relief. Once sharding is released that will really move the needle, but that’s even further off. It’s very possible transaction fees will get even worse before they get better as the parabolic bull cycle hasn’t even gotten rolling yet. We’ll have to see how much pain this will be and if it will hurt DeFi in the short term.

Scaling is and will always be a challenge. Each new performance increase enables new use cases that push the envelope again and the cycle repeats. Just like with internet bandwidth.


Very well said

100%. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

So for me as someone who is new to the de-fi space, how much of an advantage would it be for me to hold the 32 ETH necessary for staking? Also - what is your opinion on how much of a detraction POS will be for the security of the network as compared to POW? It seems to me that POW is a true paradigm shift, as it relies on some truly primal mechanisms, namely the actual electric power necessary to properly keep the system functioning and developing without much room for human error.
I try not to be a BTC maximalist…but i can’t shake the idea that the “MAKER governance body” is NOT decentralized. Same thing about ethereum, since it has Vitalik as its figurehead, and he could technically be ordered to either shut down or otherwise hinder the network. I’d love for someone to convince me otherwise, because in every other aspect, de-fi seems very legit for the future of finance

There is always a risk, but if you plan to HODL ETH it might be wise to stake it.

I am not sure. This has always been a tricky for me as well. Your thoughts on POW and POS is exactly what I think as well. POS is a game of code and POW is connected to the real world. But we must stay open. I look forward to the ETH upgrade. :muscle:

I would’t say ETH is controlled by Vitalik. Both ETH and BTC are decentralized. Any hard fork updates in both coins can lead to a split in the community. It is still up to the miners to decide what the network will be. Neither one of them are securities in my opinion.


thanks for your thoughts sir!