Swing Trading Analysis

I know some people may say that technical analysis does not work on cryptocurrencies and that’s entirely their opinion. But I don’t share that belief. I believe that cryptocurrency charts tell a story, like any other financial market. All financial markets move in swings and as traders we need to understand which swing we are trading and who is in control.

I have devoted a lot of my time to understanding price action, it fascinates me and as a trader, I am using my skills to find good opportunities to buy coins.

So I wanted to open a thread to share some of my observations and analysis

Here’s the first chart, talking about how a major swing is often made up of minor swings and when you observe the middle of a major swing, you can often find ‘balance points’ around the mid-point.

So I am watching to see whether BitCoin is carving out a Major swing low here, after completing it’s second half


I agree with you, understanding and being able to be a profitable day trader gives you a VERY big advantage building bots and automating your strategies.

You will know what works and doesnt work :slight_smile: