Swissborg /chsb

Hi guys this is a coin I had my eyes on for a while but didnt want to buy because it pumped a lot …now its on a level I am comfortable to buy but I cannot find it anywhere …
I downloaded the swissborg app with ivan`s code but app is still indevelopment and i cannot buy it there …
I tried uniswap —> nothing binance ,1inchexchange they dont have it …
anyone knows from where I can buy it ? I think now its a good time to buy , it just started pumping again
thanks in advance

I got a Tip from Ricardo Larsen to copy the addres of CHSB from etherscan and paste it on uniswap and it worked !!

Thank you so much !!! :slight_smile:

Does that mean you can’t actually buy CHSB direct from Swissborg yet at all?

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I cannot ( I live in UK ) hope they add it to the app soon

For me it’s working without any issues via the IOS app :upside_down_face:
But I still had to wait 1.5 days until the SEPA transaction was through…

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where are you located , I use the android app and located in London , but still beta and I can only predict the price nothing else hope they update the app soon :slight_smile:

I’m located in Austria.

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Hi, I had the same issue with depositing. It took couple of days to deposit.
All the rest worked well.

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Hello, do you guys know if it’s safe to buy Swissborg on uniswap? I noticed that the logo is diffirent. Is it sometimes like that?