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Hey Guys,

I’m still relatively new to to crypto (I recently started staking on and love the app / interface).

Ivan recently mentioned Swissborg on his channel and the coin has been pumping.

Can someone pls explain to me why Swissborg is so great relative to I don’t see the appeal and can’t really figure out the major difference between the two?



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Hi Matt,

I am also rather new in this space. However I did check out Swissborg and I do not rellay know why but somehow I like 'em.

My naïve understanding is the fees are one part, the second is the transparency of the transactions. Swissborg will find the best path to execute the exchange. (I think)

On the other hand got the metal card. I guess they have different benefits and it is more or less a question of what you need. Swissborg also got the CyBorg predictor, and the Bitcoin prediction game.


Hey Anders, thanks for the response. I’m in the US and trying to buy Swissborg tokens is almost impossible (uniswap has almost no liquidity).

To your response, yeah I’m familiar with the BTC predictor (not sure I want to gamble on BTC price prediction to be honest - I’m interested in the 0 fee component). The swissborg team seem very genuine (haven’t looked into their credentials yet to be honest).

I actually got my metal card recently and really like the look and feel. Are you currently staking CRO or have you bought any Swissborg recently? I think at current levels (0.9 per coin) its pretty attractive pricing.


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@Saffa_Abroad Hi Matt, As I’m new to crypto I do not allocate too much in this. I put the limit at 3k, so I will not stake CHSB nor CRO just yet. I am happy with the 1% fee and it seems too much if I want the 0% fee (50k CHSB). I did pay on average €0.1 for my CHSB fees included.

The predictions are free. The community app is just a game to learn about BTC. As you progress in the game you get rewarded in CHSB and perhaps in USD.

Hi mate, you can buy Swissborg on Kucoin im sure. BTC/CHSB or ETH/CHSB

Any problems let me know. I have a Ruby Steel Card and its Awesome.

Any one else here got one?