Technical analysis - resources for beginners listed here

Disclaimer: this is a post I made, and been updating, on TheBitcoinPub, and I’ve decided to put it also here because I think this might be helpful to new people joining in here, that are interested both in learning the Cryptos’ tech, and invest in it.

This is a list of the resources I found most helpfull in the last months, since I started learning about the trading aspect of Cryptos, that I think might be helpful to be collected together for others that want to learn. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert trader. I also suggest to search on Google some of the basics (candles, basic patterns, Fibonacci, how to use basic tools like MACD and RSI, Elliot Waves, risk/reward ratio), and how to use them to find a good entry point. Do your own research!

The following sources are somewhat in the order you should learn this stuff, but this is not mandatory. Remember to learn gradually and to not binge whatch everything.

Good article about patterns and strategies:

Perfect introduction video to watch before anything else:

Video about how to draw and use trendlines (also to correctly spot patterns):

Video about support and resistance level:

Lecture on Fib. levels:

Site to look for predictions and to find some confirmations of your opinions (it also has all the charts that Peter uses):

This page is particularly usefull for Elliot Waves:

Also is a good site to find info

Youtube Channel that does daily chart reviews:


Good video about basic Elliot waves:

How to properly use the RSI? look for divergence!:

Other suggested sources:

YT channel about chart basics:

Remember, you have to study these as if you were in college and practice a lot to start using them properly.


thank you so much for sharing with us my friend! :slight_smile:

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I just found the chat guy today! So far so good. I like Data Dash as well.

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Thank you for the links. One source I have found very helpful is he explains chart information in detail and is very helpful. I found most other channels ether really hard to listen to or just full of telling me when moon with no facts.