Tell me if I'm crazy - Possible DEFI game project

Ok, I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, but I wanted to get some feedback from the community as to what I’m getting myself into with this project. Here are some details:

  • A group of asteroid miners have been stranded on a space rock (named Synthetica or something). They must now yield mine to stay alive.

  • Project is built on top of the Synthetix protocol. Miners can buy plots of land on the rock (with SNX) and begin mining synths. Plots are rich in various synths (sBTC, sETH, sDEFI, sXAU, sXAG) and miners can choose where to build based on their preference.

  • Contract pools SNX and interacts with Synthetix smart contracts to mint synths for entire community in as few transactions as possible to save gas. This may allow users with less capital to participate.

  • Every cycle (2-4 weeks), project tokens are distributed based on synth-debt ratio. The higher your ratio, the more “Land (or something)” tokens you receive. Not sure yet how these tokens will be backed or what they will be used for. Possibly to secure land on the asteroid in future phases. Could also be used for community governance.

I think this would be a great way to make Defi more approachable and understandable for new users. Let me know any thoughts you have and if you’d like to be involved. My only experience developing is this course, so would need to partner with a developer who has some experience. Thanks!


I’m not a developer yet and therefore can only give a couple of thoughts, but I like the first impression of the game. I would think one of the main developing points is making the game fun, via well done graphics/animation (doesn’t have to be high tech, just fun) and game dynamics. One thing that Ivan said in this regard in his show a couple of times, is that he thinks it’s very smart from the project Ethverse, that they don’t try to build the game world, game mechanics, graphics etc because that takes so much time and resources. This particular project builds on top of the finished and successful minecraft game, so maybe this line of thought is useful for you as well. Another game I just saw discussed yesterday on That Martini Guy’s channel is Sandbox (the currency is called Sand on coingecko). Another (real estate based!) game is Upland. So maybe talking to the game devs in these (or similar) projects is useful for you, getting tips and insights or maybe even finding a already developing project that you can build on top of. (Another thought is trying to integrate your game and blockchain ideas into an existing big MMORPG like eve online - no idea if that’s possible, just a thought). Best of success and keep us updated! If you want to keep in contact shoot me a DM, RealT / blockchain real estate is interesting to me, game development as well. :clap:t4::rocket:

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Hey Farid-

Thanks for the feedback! I believe I would start with some very rudimentary graphics. Just enough to visualize what was happening in the game. Maybe the user could pick an avatar, and see their plot of land on a map.

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Hi @Flaflaflohi
Take a look at the job of @levalleux-ludo It’s a game about Blockchain awareness. Maybe you could do something together.

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