The future of blockchain and robotics

Here we will discus the future of blockchain and its iterations with robots, drones and machines in general. Here is an example of what I mean. In a few years from now, when humanity as decided to explore other solar system several light years from now e.g. Alpha Centauri which is 5 light years away from earth, we already now how to get devices there (Breakthrough Starshot Program).

Blockchain and smart contracts can also be integrated into the robots(devices) to build and develop new devices and other machines that will be large to send directly through the Breakthrough Starshot Program. So what I am saying is that these devices are sent in parts, once they reach their destination they assemble take information send the information back to us and initiate development of other machinery that has been programmed into their memory, utilizing block chain and smart contracts to link up and be more effective in deciding what to build first which resources are located where and what to do after that while sending these decisions back to us once they have been made.

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