The guy who made it's own version of tradingview

Hello community,

I recently saw in one of Ivan’s show that someone in this academy has made his own version of tradingview. Can somebody link me the form post/website link?

Kevin Koopman


Hello Kevin,

I programmed this project and there is no external website at the moment hosting my code. However I think this would be a good suggestion! But in order to run the project simply download the source code and save all three files to the same directory. After doing that you can simply run the project locally on your own computer. The good thing about this is that you are able to play around with the different parameters. For example you can increase the number of candelsticks shown in the chart. Or you can add another Simple Moving average. You can have a look at the video documentation, in which I explain the code in detail. Just watch the parts you are interested in.

Best regards

Andreas Hansch