The image tag in HTML

I have so much issue with using the image tag. I have done it more than 20 times and the image failed to display on my web page. I know the issue has to do with the location of the image on my laptop and have tried to find a solution


Try checking the file path for the given picture and name, and try again. I usually find that syntax is the culprit, or something simple. You can also put the picture into a simpler file somewhere like “pictures” folder to make it a bit easier. You will also need the name typed precisely.

Guide for IMG tag

If that doesn’t work, you can message me and send me the piece of html and I’ll try to help.

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Hello sir, maybe if you could share your code we can help you.

Remember you can use the “Preformatted Text” Button to encapsulate any kind of code you want to show.

function formatText(){

let words = “I’m a preformatted Text box, Please use me wisely!”



Carlos Z.

Thanks so much for reply to my post, its really appreciated.

I have been able to do it on another computer, its the file path on my laptop.

Thanks once again!


Excellent, keep pushing!

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Check if you are running a webserver on the computer. If you are using imgsrc=http://… or a relative path like inages/inage.jpg that would be a common cause.

And without a webserver running the path will be either standard Unix path for Linux/Mac or the goofy windows psths.