Theta Node Guardian

I’m running a Theta Guardian Node and I’ stuck on something:

I can’t get any real info on how to take the tfuel I’ve earned and but it in my wallet. I get an error something like “exceeds limit” and nothing happens.

Does anyone have any idea or direction to send me?

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I tested withdrawing my stake, and when I finally received it, I saw a higher number of tfuel in my mobile wallet. I did not see anything in the transaction list. I am not sure if Tfuel is incrementally added to the total as the stake progresses, or rather if it adds once the stake is withdrawn.

I will keep an eye on it and see if I can glean something more.

Looks like it does incrementally add the tfuel not requiring the withdraw from stake. Cheers!

Hi, I don’t see it going to my wallet. It’s not useful unless I can withdraw the tfuel.
Anyway, thanks for responding. Let’s keep in touch.