Token swap question

What would be the most cost effective way for me to change all my monero into ETH? Or even better, into USDC? I’m in the US so technically I can’t use binance. Maybe i can behind a VPN but i’m not sure i’m willing to risk depositing a few grand into the binance exchange under that condition.

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Maybe try finding a local exchange.

Otherwise try some other well known exchanges that have monero listed. Why is binance out of the question? Haven’t been following binance and US regulations. :slight_smile:

Hi mate. Uniswap is great. Try that.

Binance told all US accounts to get their money out back in sept of 2019 (maybe even sept 2018 i dont remember), because they were no longer allowed to service US customers. I think this goes for the other main asian exchanges like kucoin as well. Unfortunately no takers for XMR on localbitcoins

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as far as i understand, uniswap only works on swapping ERC20 tokens, or tokenized versions of things, like wBTC. monero is a totally separate block chain, can’t swap monero in uniswap, unless i misunderstand the whole thing which is totally possibly since i’m a n00b


Hi pal. Click the dots and go to analyse or something. That opens up the exchange. Then type you pair in fella.

Good luck.

Any probs let me know

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Oh that’s very cool i didint’ know about that analytics section. However it seems the only pairs involving monero are synthetix generated ones

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I am not sure if uniswap will work. :confused: should work

local monero sells monero for fiat as far as i can tell. my goal is to get monero into ETH or USDT/USDC without KYC. but i figured it out. is a non KYC exchange that has XMR/USDT pair

You can’t use uniswap because monero isn’t an ERC20. If you need a non KYC exchange, sign up at kucoin.

Try changelly! You can swap XMR to other tokens!


I used changelly once. It could be an option. :slight_smile:

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wow changelly looks like might be the best option thanks!

You are more then welcome :wink:

If you are in the US, use Kraken, Monero is listed there. You can sell XMR to USD, then USD to ETH or USD to USDC.

I just started using Binance again and I’m in the US. I use a VPN from NordVPN and have not had any issues. I have used Liquid, Binance, and Kucoin. I transfer in, sell, transfer out. Not sure if I would trust it to do a large move at this point (but it’s an option especially if anyone wants to grab some alts that arent ERC-20 tokens or ones with no liquidity on Uniswap).

That’s good to know about the VPN use, i was thinking of trying it as well but hesitated. I heard tone vays accidentally forgot to use his VPN and logged into bitmex and had his account immediately deleted lol

Best methods are

  1. using VPN and using something like to convert to bitcoin.


  3. the mobile app cake wallet is an XMR wallet with ability to exchange to other cryptos built in and its available in the US app store

Hope someone here finds these useful.

i have never heard of any of those…VERY helpful, thanks!!

But is good to use in the US. Florida where I am is an exception, some other states too. Check it out and find out if your state is ok.