TOMBOLA Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale for World's First EOS Gambling Platform

TOMBOLA (TBL) is having a Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale

TBL is identified as the very first cryptocurrency Gambling Platform built on EOS blockchain tech.

As blockchain gambling products and services rollout to market, a growing number of players around the globe are demanding sites and in DAPPs that support games in their language and with in-country support.

To that end, a new cryptocurrency called TOMBOLA with the coin’s call-letters TBL, intends to do just that.

Tombola is, as far as I can see, the first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS.

Tombola is working to be the standard Gambling and Lottery platform around the world.

How is Tombola game fair?

  1. Tombola originates a hash value with seeds that are randomly generated in the EOS chain and with seeds in the player’s account.
  2. The generated hash value uses the Tombola algorithm to determine the game’s results.
  3. And as a matter of course, all results are recorded in the blockchain’s public ledger.


TBL Uses Latest Distro Techniques

TBL also does have an Airdrop and token pre-sale happening now through July 31, in case you have any inclination to acquire some. Even though ICOs continue to be very popular in cryptocurrency launches, Airdrops are becoming a super popular distribution mechanism. Read more about that on the Tombola website.