Trading on all crypto exchanges from one interface

Hello guys,
In this thread, we want to discuss some problems with cryptocurrency trading, and tell you about the solution we have developed to help all traders to manage and monitor their crypto assets hassle free.

Why is crypto trading hard?

  • Too many exchanges, but only a few are good.
  • The necessity of keeping numerous accounts.
  • The lack of professional tools, risk management solutions.
  • Missing opportunities - because you can’t monitor the market all the time.

Sounds familiar? Here is the list what our team has achieved already:

  • Trading platform integrated with 20+ major exchanges and more than 8000 pairs.
  • Apart from regular limit and market orders, you can use our shadow and conditional (Stop Loss & Take profit) orders.
  • Exclusive arbitrage solution to take advantage of a price difference between exchanges.
  • Track your trading performance and trade history across all your exchanges in a live generated portfolio.

Why we share this project with you?
It is simple. We would love to discuss what challenges do you face while trading your crypto. The platform is live and free to use. Everyone can give it a try in demo mode and then decide if they want to link their real accounts. We are open to answer any questions related to the platform and receive any feedback from you :)

For this thread, we will post critical updates and some news about how our project is going on. We are looking forward to hearing from you join in an active discussion. You can learn more on our official website (, or contact us directly at