Trading on bybit

Hey Guys

How’s everybody?

Hey, not to brag, but, through Chris’s trading course, I made a trade on bybit entering at 43200, and got out at 49k…sweet 2100 bucks on that.

Ok I might have been lucky, but…watch this space, I will post future wins and…loss? Okok losses too :rofl: :rofl:

ciao ciao everyone


Yes, just for others to use a stop loss and move it up as the price increases once you are in profit but not too tight so it does not get triggered with minor fluctuations.

Which course is that?

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it was the Technical Analysis one with Chris

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Hey guys.
I have been waiting patiently to get a good entry, since at least a week. Finally last night (around 3am :sweat_smile:), we got a confirmed break out towards the upwards, around the 51500 level.

What I learned from Chris and Ivan, it’s that patience and a level headed attitude, it’s needed to be successful in this game. So, thank you for that, guys.

It’s ongoing, so I will keep you posted.

ciao ciao peeps