Transfer from cold key to coinbase

I just learned that I made the mistake of transferring all my bitcoins to KeepKey before the upcoming fork. From reading the latest email from Coinbase it appears I should have left my coins in their wallet to recive the benifts of the fork. I wonder if it’s possible to send them back to Coinbase right before the November fork so I can receive my coins from the fork. Is that possible?

You should be able to send them back, yes. I don’t know much about KeepKey but it would be very weird if you couldn’t send them back. Just click on “receive” in the BTC wallet on coinbase and put in the adress in “send” at KeepKey wallet. P.S.: if you do it through you can safe some money as you don’t have to pay the fees in case you purchase more BTC. Its linked to coinbase.


Thank you for your response and the info is very helpful.

sure, no problem. hope all goes well and you get your free coins :slight_smile:

I believe you will get the forked coins regardless of where they are on coinbase or not right?
does it matter if it is store in a cold wallet?

That’s what I need to know. Is sebilation correct? Will I receive forked coins if I leave on cold wallet?

From what i found regarding keepkey in particular, in their website they have a statement that they will not support bitcoin gold for now and if the chain proves viable they will add it later on(check their explanantion for more detail

As for Segwit2x, if you want you can transfer your coins to coinbase, but given the development team’s intention to be the main bitcoin chain, you should be able to collect your B2X coins (name that coinbase was going to use last i checked) from other wallets as long as you hold on to your private keys and have bitcoins at your adress at the moment of the fork.

When a fork happens they usually copy the ‘original’ chain’s history of transactions, so if you had Y bitcoins on your wallet you should receive Y 2xcoins. However due to some issues in communication abut replay protection from both forks so far, i would recomend not moving your bicoins for now as you’d be risking losing your forked coins.

I know this is very long but i hope it helps :grin:

Coinbase are offering replay protection for this fork.

Help me with the term ‘replay protection?’

Ivan explains it perfectly here

replay protection is in fact a security, that nobody can spend your coins after a fork. SO lets say, after the fork you send your BTC, someone could take the same transaction and replay it on the Segwit chain. So if you spend 1 BTC, they could use this very transaction to spend 1 B2X from you. So basically steal your B2X. There is two ways to protect it:
A) opt-in: You manipulate the transaction in a certain way, so it become invalid on the other chain
B) strong: on the old or new chain you add something to the transaction, so it is by default an invalid transaction for the other chain (called adding a flag).

For B2X they choose the opt-in method, because with “strong” certain “old” BTC wallets wouldn’t be able to accept the segwit coins. as the segwit community thinks, they might be the real bitcoin after the fork, they want all the wallets to be scalable with the B2x, therefor there is only the opt in protection.


You would get B2X coins if you had them in another wallet that you held the private keys, from my understanding segwit2x is not a coinbase exclusive coin.

What coinbase is saying is that they, as an Exchange, meaning they hold the private keys associated with the original bitcoins, will credit your exchange account with the forked coins. That is a good thing because (in brasil at least) some exchanges, taking advantage of uninformed customers, did not credit their users with their forked coins (Bitcoin cash), and would only transfer them to users who actively sought it out.

So you should be fine either in coinbase or another trusted wallet, but if you choose a wallet i would recomend one that has positioned about the fork.

I think they dropped the opt-in replay protection as it was widely criticized, but i am not sure of what was implemented to replace it in terms of replay protection.

Your problem just got solved, no more hard fork :smile: -)