Uniswap and metamask swaps

I am having trouble swapping LINK for SWAP on Uniswap, it is asking for me to connect a wallet, with one option to install Metamask, yet I am already connected with Metamask?


You could try deleting cookies and temporary files from the browser and re-entering Uniswap.
If it doesn’t work, the second option would be to back up your mnemonic and reinstall Metamask.

Thanks Thaddeus
How do you do a MM back up?

In your metamask you look for accounts as it appears in the image below.
wallet 1

Then you go to configuration and then to security & privacy

Then you click where it says “Reveal seed word” it will ask you for your metamask password, after that the words will appear, the copies will appear in a notepad and you keep them very well because with that you will recover the wallet one you reinstall it.

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Thank you for your instructions.
Can you also please tell me the best way to sell small cap alts purchased on Uniswap and held in a Metamask wallet?

I think that it would be better to do it through a swap, or place it in a liquidity pool so that it generates profits.