Uniswap metamask issues - help

So I finally put all my crypto into my new Ledger Nano X and I also connected by ledger to Meta Mask running in Brave.

I was then trying to buy some TrustSwap using uniswap and the transactions keep failing. Metamask is not giving any meaningful error only that it failed. It is def not an issue with funds. I also notice that it does not ask me to confirm the transaction on the ledger which is also strange. So frustrating…

In general I am finding this Ledger Nano X very problematic so far with a bunch of other intermittent issues too

ok I figured it out - had to enable contract data on the ledger (select ethereum -> contract data -> on)


so I bought the Trustswap (SWAP) token and an Ampleforth… Ampleforth eventually shows up as a token in the ethereum wallet of my Ledger… but no sign of the SWAP tokens ? here is the trx in the explorer https://etherscan.io/tx/0x63fd6e5164651d9c14c2b9801b82e148d8eeccdc092512e3321cb49b9e2e60a1

anyone got any ideas ?

According to the Ledger Nano page the TrustSwap token isn’t supported yet.

thanks, do you have a link to that? I thought if it was erc-20 that it would show up under etheruem no matter what

Here you can check the list of supported coins and tokens

I see, these tokens I bought are still attached to my ethereum address though right ? Any idea how I can keep track of them ?

Yes, they are at your address, no problem. If you query in Etherscan, both Ampleforth and TrsutSwap appear there.

I can not recommend using Brave + Metamask + uniswap. It’s a pain and a catastrophic UX.
Instead I’m using the google chrome Browser. :confused: At least it is works better.
I figured out that Metamask and Brave is not the best combination. It is getting better but still there are really annoying issues.
EDIT: Brave is working fine with MetaMask. See the comment from @Thaddeus19 below!

But, did you activate in Brave settings to use metamask by default?

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Thank you so much @Thaddeus19 i guess that was the issue. :sweat_smile:
Shame on me. :flushed: I have to refuse my previous statement.
Now i feel again comfortable using metamask with brave.

Great @Paultier that it already works for you normally.

Thank you for that. I now have Metamask working on Brave under Linux on my Chromebook. I have been struggling with this for a week.

Do you have any idea how I can get my Chromebook to recognize my Ledger nano x when I plug it into the USB port?

Thanks for your help.

Omar Wright

I bought Ampleforth also and am unable to track them because I can’t get my Chromebook to recognize my Ledgerwallet. Have you resolved your problem yet? Can you tell me what you did?

Thank you,

Omar Wright

They recommend checking that the apps are up-to-date and also trying a different cable. Several people indicate that they have solved it by trying another cable.

The apps are up to date and I am waiting for the other cable to come in the mail.

Thank you.

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