Uniswap w/ Metamask

My Uniswap txs fail due to way, way too low gwei and gas limit, so tx is reverted. However, I cannot edit gas or even see anticipated fee before confirming swap. Can anyone help?

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Hey @ LTL. In all transactions using metamask, there should always be a confirm button before it gets through. And above the confirm button you can choose to play with the gas fees.

Anyway, to see actual metamask and uniswap interaction please watch this youtube video:

The video will also teach you some tricks and tips on how you can maximize using metamask. Good luck and be safe!



Thank you for your response!

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That’s a great video, thanks!

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Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash

I really hope someone can help me:
I get the above message on Etherscan with every swap I try since a few days ago.
What did I do wrong or is it not just me?
It all started after I got the Etherscan-message “reverted” for 4 swap"transactions" after a pending period of many hours.
Since then the misery started …
In the meantime I already pressed “clear all” for a few new transactions I tried out because they also keep on “pending”.
I am pretty new at Uniswap and Metamask and i’m trying out some things to learn more about the platform.
Just when I thought I was getting handy with it, things started to go wrong.

Hi @PeterMini I hope this concern of yours is already taken care of. If not, can you please send a screenshot of your transactions? I hope you were able to take screenshots.


Hi Zai,
Thanks for your concern.
In the meanwhile I got helped by emanuel Coen, the founder of Cryptotesters.com.
I didn’t know him, but send him a personal message on Twitter for help.
He just helped me, like if he knew me already for a long time. Unbelievable!
Great guy!

That’s great to hear @PeterMini! Good men still exist! Anyways, if you are still trying to explore defi, it’s not a good idea to explore uniswap as of the moment. It’s very much congested and fees are very high. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Always, do your own research! Good luck man!