Using HOT Token in Evergleam Hill

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share a little bit about this crypto called HOT Token. You can use this crypto in this new mobile game called Evergleam Hill. Use HOT Token to buy coupons inside the game Evergleam that you can then use in the real world. These coupons are to places like Baskin Robbins, Mister Donut & Lazada. What’s cool is that not only can you buy these coupons with crypto, but you can win them daily just by playing the game. Pretty cool right! I won a sundae to Baskin Robbins and can’t wait to redeem it to get a chocolate chip mint sundae with whipped cream & rainbow sprinkles. I also got a buy 6 get 2 free coupon for doughnuts at Mister Donut. Download the game and see what coupons you can win! Now when it comes to gameplay, there are ton of avenues to explore in Evergleam. Run around the town & check out all the shops. Mining for gold is the main highlight of the game. When you mine, you get to buy a ticket with your tokens to whichever land you choose. As you level up, more and more places to mine will unlock. My character is up to level 11 as of now. Spend two minutes trying to mine all the items & gold you can. You can then sell these items to Forge Van Wrinkle. He will reward you with tokens that you can use elsewhere. Use your tokens to buy clothes for your character, worms to fish non-fish or complete quests. Stop by Casa Salpa to buy some of these worms that you can use to fish. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to catch shooting stars that Evergleam gifts you with. This will help you stock up on tokens. You will want to stop by the quest board next to Gold Woman Sax in the middle of town to begin a quest. Evergleam Hill has a clever writing style that kind of reminds me of reality transurfing. The story line will definitely make you laugh. Check it out and see how much gold you can get! Good luck to ya! :cowboy_hat_face: