Using the Uniswap App

Hi there,
I was wondering if someone could explain a little more on how Uniswap works? I notice that you appear not to have to fund your acct. but instead link it to other Wallets, (like Coinbase mobile.) it appears that Uniswap is a lot like the coinbase base wallet, (You can’t place an order at a certain price) (you just by now at the current market price.) Is this a correct assumption?
The only reason I am looking at this APP/DAPP is because with myself being from the US it is very hard to find a lot of ways to get into some of these DEFI coins besides platforms like Hotbit, which still don’t have a lot of good coins like RLC.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Cryptoscoot,
You need to interface with Uniswap using the Metamask extension, which you install in your web browser. (Brave Browser is the community pick).
You can then utilize your Hardware wallet to directly fund the Uniswap smart contract (best practice), or you can fund the wallet that is associated with your metamask plugin and interact from there.
Check out the DeFi101 course to see @amadeobrands demonstrate how to interact with these protocols.


Yes, I use the Brave Browser as well.
I haven’t gotten to the Defi classes as of yet but I am looking forward to them.
I believe I can figure it out from what you’re saying though.

Thank you so much for your help Railgame.

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Uniswap really is the one! And remember if the coin/token isnt listed you can simply add it yourself.

Uniswap really is the one! And remember if the coin/token isnt listed you can simply add it yourself.

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Oh wow, I didn’t know that. That’s cool…!:slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Hi RailGame,

Would your hardwallet still be secure when connected to metamask? I haven’t used it yet as I don’t want to compromiise my hardware wallet as I don’t really understand how Metamask works.

i.e would your hardware wallet like trezor or ledger be safe?



What I don’t understand is that I have done a swap on uniswap from my metamask, I see the transaction as you should in etherscan but does not show in my metamask? How can I see the token I have swapped and put into my Ledger??

It’s the safest way really.
But I would research the procedure a bit, maybe look at some youtube tutorials or seek further council from the advisors in the academy.

you have to add the token manually.
Search either by name, or smart contract address.

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Thanks RailGame, I’ll give that a shot.

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I recently put together a technical overview to how Uniswap works here:

In this tutorial I run through a high level overview of how Uniswap works under the hood. I take a guided tour of the Factories, Exchanges, Token Swaps and Token Transfer functionality of the Uniswap protocol. So this perhaps goes a little deeper than what you are after but I think is always a good idea to know about the underlying protocols!

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I am having trouble after exiting a contract through the normal procedures on uniswap. It states it was a success on etherscan but nothing arrived in my metamask wallet. I signed for the transaction using my wallet and paid the gas fee. Now I cant see my pool allocation on uniswap and I didnt input any address to send to but followed the steps on the uniswap interface. I am really confused and hence my reaching out.

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