Vibehub ICO...thoughts and educated guesses?

Just curious about what you all think of Vibehub…

Talesfromthecrypto hello. The project looked interesting and outside of the whitepaper/website I managed to find a post that talked about the team’s experience which looked good. I have not invested yet because I believe there are other coins that are competing for the same space and I have not researched them yet.

VR like crypto is going to be huge in the future. I went to a museum two weeks ago and was reminded of that. Also it is possible that with driverless cars in the future we don’t own our own cars and we ride share. Taking this idea further as car safety increases imagine a car that is a circle with 360 viewing as a VR screen. As you ride to work you can drive through the grand canyon or be in a live business meeting before you are even physically at work.

And for those who really want to blow their mind with VR, imagine how VR makes time and space fluid. What if you had a room in your house where floor moves and the walls/floor is a VR screen? You could literally do anything. Try on clothes from Amazon? Check. Play soccer with your international friends? Yes. Walk into the crypto pub with a real beer in hand and join a conversation? That too, but I digress.


Looks interesting, but not enough material at the moment. The team looks pretty serious, but still i did not find any live presentation. Zero activity on github. No real demo (while pretty misleading header is present on their website ‘try beta’). So currently I see a tiny whitepaper and no live activity. My opinion: too early to make any investment.