Virtual Crypto Roundtable anyone?

Good morning to everyone from the sunny depths of southern Sweden.

My name is Phil, and I one of the “work 100 hours a week until your eyes bleed so you can maybe one day buy happiness (and a house)” generation.

I recently decided to forge my path into the crypto world, and I am sure that I am as nervous and vulnerable as many of us here hovering around the proverbial watercooler.

With that, I had an idea for a relaxed, informal roundtable discussion. Think the Hollywood reporter meets your local book club.

We meet once a week on a virtual platform, and each person has 5 minutes to share one fact-checked story or article about the crypto world and why that story is important to you.

After everyone has talked, we open the floor to a discussion on some (hopefully all) of the stories which have been discussed. This will allow us to better understand those within our community, our individual and shared intentions and the motivators and philosophies which drive us, as people, to invest our time and effort into this new and ever-changing industry.

Right now this is just an idea; maybe it gets some views, perhaps it gets some comments, who knows. But, if you are interested, please leave a comment below and let’s build something together!

Have a great day,

A warm welcome from Phil M


Hi Phil, welcome to the forum!

I’d like to be involved, count me in.


I like the idea. A simple discord room in my opinion, would do the trick. After a discussion and/or stories, we could make a thread here on the forum. I personally wouldn’t mind reading some stories. We would definitely learn from each other. I know Ivan sometimes explains his past, and how he became interested in the blockchain. From him playing runescape, to his mother buying him javascript equivalent (because he was hacked) and to all the things that he went through back in belarus. I learned a lot from his past, and I think I could learn more from each and every one of you. :smiley:


Hey Phil nice to meet you. this sounds like a great idea to me too i’d love to be involved.

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