Was KIN a wise investment?

Who else invested in KIN? Do you know any details about how KIK plans to roll out the use of this crypto?

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I did. I am not sure either. So far they have not raised the total amount of their ico. I understand that they are going to burn any ico tokens not sold. I wonder how this will impact the development of their project? I am an IT project manager by trade so I understand that concessions have to be made when the budget is not as expected so hopefully the fundraiser amount was closer to a “wish list” than a “need to have”. I have downloaded their app to see how things change. Now that I know you are interested I can let you know if I run across anything.

In regards to your wise investment question? Wisely making money from kin.kik? Maybe, maybe not. Being a part of making history by providing an established company the chance to be the first cryptoganster against it’s competitors? Absolutely wise to disrupt the status quo to make everyone innovate. Who invented the flushable toilet? That’s the level of innovative disruption I’m talking about…

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Thanks for your insight. I am under the assumption they will be just fine raising just 75% from the ICO. They also received the $50M from the Pre-ICO so I think they will be in great shape as far as capital goes. I’m wondering about their strategy/timing of rolling this out on their current platform. I also downloaded KIK, but don’t use it on a regular basis. Will be interesting to see what we learn over the next 3-4 months.

Yes, please let me know if you learn anything new.

I use it a bit, it’s good to have a chat about a topic of interest. The most like a real conversation I’ve experienced. Hard to tell if they can move ahead of all the other biggie message services out there.

I also invested a couple of ETH. Having said that, I would appreciate it if you keep me in the loop

I believe it has great potential…although I also believe this sphere is in its “toddler” stage. Many great ideas out there, but timing is everything when I comes to general public adoption. The real question is: which of all these start-ups have the solid product/team/ and longevity to make it successful over the next few years in a highly competitive market.?

Big mistake putting it on Ethereum. Now thay must move it to another blockchain. But I think it will be big with all the users kik has.