What am I doing here? :-)

Hi all… i’ve just joined and am excited to learn, it seems like a good community here.
I am looking for some assistance and perhaps re-assurance after being confused by a lot of the language here so far (alien words lol).

So, I have no programming experience, but would like to learn and am prepared to spend the time and effort to do so. I’ve been following Bitcoin and Crypto since 2013, I thought I knew about bitcoin, then I came here… I decided to do something rather than just watching the future happen in front of me

I would like to perhaps gain enough expertise to one day become a Blockchain Consultant, explaining and advising companies on implementing Blockchain solutions into their businesses.

Question What would be the best track for this and is it necessary to learn to program/develop and do as many of the courses as possible?

Any input is appreciated thanks… Si :slight_smile:


If you think you still don’t know the bitcoin fundamentals enough, start with the Blockchain & Bitcoin 101. Later on you can move to Ethereum 101 and DeFi 101. If you wanna do programming go for Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 or if you are more into game programming there is Unity Blockchain Game Development 101

Don’t think to much tbh. Pick something and go trough the course, I am sure you will find it very helpful either way. The courses are packed with knowledge. If you need any more help,. feel free to DM me. Take care, Simon. :smiley:


Hi Mauro, I hope you’re good… Thanks for your reply, that’s kind of the path I had in mind but good to have your recommendation for order / structure.
I’ve started with the new Bitcoin standard course and then will follow on as you suggested. Many thanks for the support, I hope to be in touch when I have a better idea of what I am doing :laughing: take care too