What do you mean by Layer 1, 2, 3, 4 Solutions

I would’ve expected to learn this basic knowledge in this course, but it is not addressed at all. Any one could help me with where I can learn this?

This course looks like a Maker DAO protocol course …

Layer 2 is more like a building block on top of the native blockchain (Layer 1). So Ethereum would be Layer 1 while Layer 2 would be something on top of Ethereum that helps with transaction speed and scalability. Examples of this include protocols such as xDai and Matic. They are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to fix the issues mentioned earlier.

For Bitcoin, Layer 2 would be Lightening network as it provides scalability and speed to the Bitcoin blockchain by processing transactions above Layer 1 before they are settled on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Layer 3 is more to do with interoperability where you have different blockchains communicating with one another. I think Cosmos and Polkadot would act as Layer 3.

This article puts nicely the use of Layer 3 in relation to Layer 2:


Hope this helps!

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Yes!!! thanks man … I have watched a couple of videos and read other blog posts to understand this, and the most clear one that I have come across is this one (though its only about layer 1 and layer 2)


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No worries! I’ve seen a few vids from that channel he does some nice explanations.

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