What is your BIG, FAT, UNREASONABLE GOAL for learning blockchain programming?

I’ll share mine: I want to build or to help build software that changes the lives of thousands if not millions of people and is truly impactful for mankind.

What about you? :slight_smile:


Oh! I forgot to add, also interested in Freedom in all its forms (time, money, location).

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Ok guys I will share.
For me since taking a leap of faith and going full time crypto in the form of trading at the beginning of the year I have found that a lot of my Friends have drifted away. Whether it is from there negativity towards my choice or maybe a little jealous.Since that happening I have found myself developing some bad habits due to having to much time on my hands i.e not exercising, eating junk food ect which is strange considering the time I have now. So my goals are a bit more personal at this point and basically I wanted to exercise my brain. So I have chosen a coarse that I know absolutely nothing about. Also I wanted to build a network of like minded people and I have always found Ivans content on Good Morning Crypto for be first rate and very informative.So if something amazing that changes the world comes of it that would be the icing on the cake.


@lukeyboy Thanks for sharing! Are you taking the Solidity 101 course and how are you enjoying it?

I only started yesterday but I am doing block chain development and programming. Not sure what the coarse is actually called. it was created when i answered the questionnaire. Most of the stuff that its covering atm I already no but looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the next module. What is solidity 101?

Solidity 101 is for programming with Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain. Teaches how to make smart contracts and decentralized applications.

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Ah I have not gotten that far yet but yes it is a part of what I am doing.

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Be ahead of the curve for web 3.0.