What is your purpose of life?

Hey girls andy guys!
Have you ever thought about the purpose of life? I’m sure you did. And I’m interestend in everybodies purpose of life respectively what do you think it is and how do you want achieve it?
Good thing is, there is no right or wrong.

Just let’s come together and find out what drives us as individual. I’m curious. :blush:


Stacking sats?! :rofl:


Hi Paultier
Love your question and it’s a common one. I don’t know but, when I was younger I was searching for an '‘answer’. Now that I’ve lived and am older it’s not so pressing a question. How can there be one answer to such a complex query, but I made some steps with:
See the truth
Know thy self
Be happy
These phases can mean many things, but if you don’t know what these can be you may know where to start.



I know my answer changes over time, so for now, my answer is:

  • To do my best to be a good partner for my wife so that together we can create a safe and loving home for our children.

  • Make sure to give a good upbringing to my children so they can grow up with healthy attitudes and contribute to their community as adults.


Wow, never expected that question here, this seems to be an amazing group of people. I would have never asked that question here.
This question has been on my mind for years.

THE ANSWER IS WITHIN IN YOUR QUESTION? LIFE is energy “ energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. “.

It is not what is the purpose of your life, but rather what is the purpose of Life, to be more specific, what is the purpose of a human life. I cannot give reason for Life, in itself but I can protest its value.

I believe that humanity holds the only possible act of preserving life, it is the greatest purpose from all other life. A tree is wonderful, a tree is important to the existence of life but a tree cannot go to space, it cannot control the rocket needed to enter space. Humans are the only species that have the ability to reach beyond the limitations of Life as we know it.

If you removed all humans from earth today, that will not guaranty the existence of Earth, it is very plausible that Earth will be destroyed in the future and Humans are the only species that could take other species from Earth and let them continue to live.

So the purpose for humanity is to work together and towards a solution to continue the life of other species beyond the limits of Life as we know it.


Dear Paultier,

what an amazing question.

I’ve been busy asking myself the same question for a few years, and actually I came up with this:

My purpose in live is to be surrounded by love:

to love what I do, the people I’m surrounded with and to be loved in return for what I do and by the people I love.

This is the energy that drives me as an individual person.

And you?


Creating a really good retirement for myself and my wife. We have four adult children living on they’re own and a goofy cat. I want to create multiple income streams at home.

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My purpose in life is to retire and enjoy life. Need mad blockchain and programming skills first though. Can’t do it on a teachers salary.

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