What the heck is FUD?

I keep seeing and hearing this in videos. What does it mean?


fear, uncertainty, and doubt

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Thank you!! :pray::pray::pray::pray:


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When people can scare you just enough that you do nothing at all or sell what you have. When you hear of rumors being floated out. FUD. Bitcoin going to zero. (FUD). India is banning bitcoin…again (FUD), They are going to mine asteroids for gold, so then gold will be worthless (FUD). When you can learn to recognize it, it gets funnier and funnier the more desperate they become.

Thank you! I’m learning so much here and on YouTube that is helping me not to panic or sell or buy anymore than I can afford to lose. I have stars in my eyes yes, but I’m trying to be pragmatic and hopefully I will learn enough to turn that into wealth in 5 to 10 years.