What thoughts keep me up so late at night? Well, I'll tell you my friends

Holy f ing christ!
The pump is sooooo insane to watch.

2017 seems like an eternity ago to me, and after those “two” bloody last years, this feels unreal … yeah, I know 2019 was totally ok, but still … Is this really the start of what we’ve been talking about for so long?
Between us, this scares me a little … I have been faithful and closed my eyes and pressed the buy BTC button weekly on Coinbase for over 2 years and now it seems like the end of the opportunity to buy satoshi for a cheap price?
I’m not exactly rich and it suits me very badly for BTC to go up in price right now. And just as if we’re not enough people in the Academy, we now have to share our future Satoshi with strangers? I don´t like that, the sheeps do not deserve our beautiful satoshi´s, they have not bled as we have, they have not seen what we have seen…

No … the idea of ​​a price increase in Bitcoin is scary and it fits me badly because it ruins my focus on studying here at Academy … For example. Instead of writing this, I could have continued on Filip’s amazing Advanced Course in smartcontract programming 202. Have you looked at it yet? What? Haven’t you looked at it? But what are you waiting for? I’ll put the link here for you. https://academy.ivanontech.com/a/17936/ZJo5SDw4

Yeah, I also know that Academy is probably the wrong place to post this link, but you know what?
I just don’t care. Because Academy is the best, Fxxx the rest! And I think @ivan & @filip are the best teachers in Blockchain education.
And a SHOUT out to the Support team. You are the best of the best. Arami, you always answer me, well if @filip didn´t answer first, because Ivan, he rarely answers … not even when I sent him some nice words and a picture of my daughter and me who are both fans of him. :roll_eyes:
Wow that turned dark real fast. Well i´m a dad and i dont like to see my 10 year old daughter disappointed. Just saying.

Anyhow, since we’re all students at the Academy, you have to be really cool, and then you probably can cope with my bad humor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And No, I’m not drunk or high or influenced by other substances. I’m high on Bitcoin madness …

Thank you and good night, fellow students, and good luck with the studies … :wink:

Feel free to leave a comment or tell me too f … off. I’m just glad someone bothered to take the time to read my nonsense …



Haha I love it! Great thoughts. And thank you for your kind words, we all appreciate them. Our team really is amazing, even though everyonew can’t hang around in the support email :smiley:

Regarding the pump, sometimes you just have to stop for a while and look at the long term picture. You realize how far we’ve come. But I’m sure you will get another dump here sometime where you’ll have the opportunity to buy lower if you’re interested.


Hahah, fun read bro! :smiley:
Sorry for not replying, I don’t think I’ve seen the message but of course a huge shout-out to you and your daughter!!
Great work grinding through the bear market, times are changing for sure :smiley:


So much emotions in this thread. xD


Awesome, I have been following @ivan Ivan utube videos for over a year now and been stacking sats up and down. :joy:Now its time to learn more about the block chain mechanics and hope to help others. So far I’m enjoying learning and browsing Toshi Times to familiarize myself how to navigate my way around. Nice format of @filip videos and reading materials to learn on my own pace. Thank you!

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Lets keep this post alive!
Day by day i have to deal with myself when looking me at the mirror each morning while brushing my teeths: “am i learning too slow?, its too much to learn, techs, coins, mining process, defi techs, SC programming… Man, im not ready for next bull, but have to keep up with the battlefield flow”, thats why i took discipline on my cryptos since 2017. Still i feel, im not ready :expressionless:.

Can we do a poll or something to mesure the crypto hodling travel sentiment? i mean,it can be truly stressful if you look at the price all days, lets be honest, its a freaking nightmare, i want to stop screaming like a little girl :joy:. So i decide to follow my own philosophy: “Hold it, while learn it”, got a little gpu rig 4x1070 i bough back in 2017 bull market. Im just hodling, once per month took $ to dai, just in case dark days approach again. I cant DCA, national crisis made it hard, lets say my DCA is my gpu rig (at least im increasing my crypto position month by month).

The academy for me, its kinda like a temple for knowledge, from my knowledge, its the most accurate place to truly learn about the crypto space, there might be courses or others, but this is an IT place, we took the IT professionalism and applied directly to another IT field called “the crypto space”, at the end, blockchain is nothing more than another tech we still do not understand its full potential, like the internet in its beginning and hell …crypto its a very complex tech.

I cant stop questioning my self, the amount of people that are going to enter late in this space, this academy will grow, but their too late man, the learning curve its really aggressive, merciless i might say, it will eat you, spit you, then eat you again if you are not prepare. Im from a poor country, not about economic(thats other history), i mean geographically, most people are just truly “cave mans” in the computer world, they can use a PC, could learn basic about cryptos, wallets, transfers, its digital money, trading its soooooo cooooool (no its not, its a monster that like to eat newbies,you are just fresh meat).

Do we have any idea how many people are/is/will be losing his currencies on scams like onecoion (mine calls folmcoin years ago xD), most secure information its on english, thats a truly disadvantage for those who do not speak it, and trust me, there are probably more spanish scams websites, SC, streamers than in english…Dont even want to talk about, being bankless… People here just dont even understand how basic finance structure works, securing private keys its my responsibility? naaaah, please you do it for me :neutral_face:.

My advice from my experience? Stay sharp, discipline your self on learn how to be self-responsible with this new way of money, do not allow emotions drive your calls, keep learning no matter what. Spread some ivangelist among those who want to be saved, because when dark days come, jesus will not save you, @ivan sensei and @filip sensei will, now lets see how those few newbies that survive the monster seek a shelter in our Academy Temple. Amen for that brothers. :pray:

At the time i wrote this, BTC drops from ~9100 to ~8000 in ~24h, so yeah, very inside of our mind, we all scream like a little girl. Still, thanks to the knowledge i acquire from Academy, im still “chilly-bullish”.


Yesterday, after just a couple basic course and the “web roaming” that it leads to… my mind got floaty. I am so far behind. Yes, invested a bit since 2017 (TOO late)… opened that wallet in 2012 but didn’t fund it :frowning:
but the more I read the more I know how far I must go… learning and practical application (DAI… RealT… wallets). Am I too late ? So I concentrate on learning with Ivan (and the links sent by him that lead me down valid rabbit-holes). Dig in or throw up your hands…
May I clone me 10x ?
Thanks as I see you are far ahead of me yet have similar thoughts.

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I know what you are talking about, I think we all experience the same thoughts.

  • Am I to late?
  • To far behind?
  • Can i really do this?
  • What am I doing?
  • It’s too much to learn?

But now my thoughts are more like this…

  • Hell, NO, you are not to late.
  • No, you are not to far behind, just ask the person sitting next to you something about crypto and you will realise the fact that in their eyes YOU are the expert.
  • Yes, you are actually doing this now.
  • You are educating yourself, investing in you and following your dreams.
  • YES, It’s way to much to learn (unless you are some kind of mastermind genius person with no social skills, like Sheldon) and you can’t learn it all at once, so just chill and relax. Just do your best and aspire to do well and you are doing a lot more than those lazy people doing nothing to grow and increase their skillsets.

I wish you the best of luck.


Great response, thank you. I am down 10 rabbit holes each time I take an Ivan lesson… all so fascinating.


Looking for an answer.

If I build a betting game in blockchain and decentralize it completely. I just earn a small part of the betting taking place from all participants for each round. Is that betting game still illegal?

I’m reading the hashing article and wonder how I will puzzle it together in my head.

What a statement! This picture you paint has tones of “survival of the fittest.” Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. Sure, there are many at a supposed disadvantage, but as Marcus Aurelius says, “the obstacle is the way.”

I literally have no idea what I am doing here, but I know something: bitcoin moved something in me when I first discovered it. It isn’t going anywhere and neither am I. My dad once told me when I was a teenager, “you have three options, lead the pack, run with the pack, or get trampled.”

I definitely needed to do outside research on hashing!

This site helped me a LOT:

Check the video in the article. Press pause, rewind, and repeat as necessary lol.

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