What you think about UCO?

When I first heard about Ethereum back in 2017, I thought that a self-sovereign digital ID tied to biometrics was the ultimate use case for decentralized systems like blockchain.

The big problem with centralized digital ID is that governments, corporations, etc are susceptible to corrupting their control of these systems for their own purposes.

Last week I heard about Uniris (UCO, https://uniris.io/), which launched last year. Apparently they have a fool-proof biometric algorithm that will make a self-sovereign, decentralized digital ID possible that can’t be duplicated, lost or stolen.

Their mainnet is supposed to go live in June, and supposedly they’ve got a target of supplying Olympics 2024 with ID security.

I am relatively new to altcoins, and don’t know what good teams, tokenomics, interoperability, etc look like compared to bad ones.

What do you guys think about UCO?
Can these guys deliver on this promise?
Also, what courses would be ideal for working with their mainnet and tech when it’s ready?