What's the best DEX?

Hey guys, I wanted to hear your opinions on what’s the best decentralized exchange out there? Is there even one that actually works?


I used etherdelta for the ECR20 tokens… and cryptopia.co.nz for a lot of the small unknown coins. it takes a while to understand them but once you know how to do it, they’re fun to trade on.

You can try BitShares DEX.



Thanks Diodogomes! :slight_smile:

Ethos very sonn ‘’’’’


I first learnt to use DEX’s with EtherDelta last year, but this was in December and it took me 8 hours to make a sale due to network congestion. I wasn’t a fan of the gas fees for placing limit sells (not just executing market sells). I would therefore never use it again! ForkDelta doesn’t interest me either, although it’s supposed to be better, it still has the same gas fee issues regarding using the order books.

I now use IDEX which has grown on me, namely due to the fees coming from the tokens you are buying/selling as opposed to all costs being gas based, which also increases the efficiency of the platform it seems. Not to mention there are no fees for placing limit buys/sells, as the exchange isn’t a “pure DEX” is this sense. I think it’s a smarter model until Ethereum can scale properly.

I’m curious to hear of other DEX options if anyone has any though! I’m also looking forward to the new NEON exchange (NEX) for NEO based tokens. I hope this will become popular once launched, and more tokens are NEP-5 based rather than ERC20. Not shilling, I didn’t invest in the ICO I promise :wink:


What are some of the gotchas to someone new to DEX’s?

Really Bitshares? With all respect. i find it the worst DEX on the plant.
IDEX is the best so far.

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BarterDEX is most advanced DEX available.
It is a fully working, decentralized, p2p, atomic swaps based DEX daemon conducting cross chain swaps between more than 95% of all coins and tokens, including ethereum and ERC20 tokens.
With more than 100k completed atomic swaps under the bridge and already with some alpha version GUIs it is going to enable average users to enjoy the freedom and security of exchanging assets through BarterDEX atomic swaps daemon.

awesome! I will go check out BarterDEX then.

Have you checked token.store? I used it to buy a more obscure crypto.

Not too bad however the interface is a little counter-intuitive. Hoping to see one that has a smoother interface. Binance DEX will be exciting when it gets up and running.