What's wrong with my transaction?

I trying Exodus out and it doesn’t seem to be working. I sent 0.001 BTC to my Exodus address. I refreshed my wallet 100 times and I can’t see it in Exodus even though it is confirmed on the blockchain. My address in Exodus 100% matches. Do I need to verify myself or something? Transaction id: 60e76458c6753cb64f4ae4aad31061fe1bc6262470fcb3a3f75a8be390d3dc15 Exodus address: 1CRH5bFK7T33W8zHCkMH7QZFicjQPp3epQ

Did it work yet? Perhaps the wallet waits until it has a certain number of confirmations? I know some exchanges, for example, require 6 confirmations before you see the coins in your wallet. This means roughly 1 hour for bitcoin transfers.

Hope you figured it out!