Where do you buy your crypto?

Hey everyone! I’m just curious as to what everyone uses to buy and sell their crypto? I’m in the U.S. and have been experimenting buying a little here and there through apps like blockchain, gemini and coinbase so far but they all charge fees. Are there any sites/apps out there that are fee less?


I’m using Binance and trust wallet.

I get this when I try binance. Do you use the U.S. version?

Hey, Gemini user here, but I use a hard wallet to store

There are no fees to withdraw to my hard wallet, but I use Gemini as a means to buy, since my hardware wallets exchange program has a very limited range of coins… still

Hey G_Rett,
I’m using Crypto.com use the link get 25$ and free fees for first month
I have the visa card attached to the app it,s amazing. highly suggested…Cheers

Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/tthda3d25y to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD :slight_smile:

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I use coinbase, but the app you should try is Crypto.com Crypto DeFi Wallet and Coin Market Platform App.

I buy mostly through crypto.com. When I joined I could buy crypto without fees for 30 days. Do not know about their current fees

i am using coinbase pro, binance (most likely will stop using them due to what happend friday), kraken and kucoin.

Binance and Coinbase

I use Coinbase because here in Texas all the other exchanges are restricted. I believe with Binance you can deposit and swap tokens with Bitcoin without verification. Don’t quote me on it though, I just stick with the crypto on Coinbase for the moment.

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I saw a commercial about etorro :sunglasses: being feeless
but i don’t use it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: .
I started buying on centralized exchanges NiceHash and Bitstamp both have fees. Now i use decentralized exchanges Uniswap and 1Inch mostly for buying alts. :money_mouth_face: The fees here are super high :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so i use it only to get in coin early :wink:

Thanks for the feedback everyone :+1:

Binance US probably best for you, or Kucoin, just check the KYC at echanges you prefer.
Dex’s always possible but have quite high fee’s. Binance the lowest as far as I know.
And remember; when the Rainbowchart, NUPL, RSI, Google trends etc are at a peak; check out and cash!, always DCA in and out! On way to top always take profits, 30%+ dips are are usual. So Keep 20% or so in stablecoins to buy dips.
There a quite a few crypto dudes on youtube with in general good info, most daily.
And inform yourself , ( tesla, amazon, microstrategy, msm, cointelgraph etc.
As far as I’ve heard we’re halfway in de bullrun. The last week has the highest gains usualy, but… when you didnt took profits by then you probably end up with empty hands…
Last advise I’ve heard; do the opposite of what Yellen says :slight_smile:

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Some great suggestions here!

I also use Binance and think they are great but I know you are a bit more limited with the US version so I would definitely get Kucoin as well as they have a fantastic range of coins :slight_smile:

Try www.SwanBitcoin.com as I believe they have zero fees for BTC

I use binance.us and Gemini.


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Yes you need to use Binance.us. I had the same issue. It works fine but you need to set up the account on this website. On the site there is a list of approved states in the U.S.