Where do you recommend?

I have done a few courses on “solo learning” website for free. I have also found through a youtube ad a website called treehouse, for a small monthly fee, they seem to be fairly well together. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions around some online courses similar to treehouse. Maybe such a site exists that provide courses in which are acknowledge by employers online?


Hi there!
I have first started with SoloLearn, which is a great tool to get the idea of a language IMO, but it is not enough to learn it. After that I have found some courses on Udemy. I not easy finding a high quality course, since I want someone who speaks English clearly, explains very well and let’s you practice what you’ve learned. This is all based on finding a Free course. Otherwise there are a lot more you could pay for. And they often make discounts.

Hey! I’m right now using Codecademy! Free content is fairly good, and for the premium content I think is about 20USD per month. I’ve been learning JavaScript and Python there and so far so good!
Also, some people who uses either treehouse, codecademy or udemy seem to be writing that down on their linkedIn profiles, guessing that they might be/ could be acknowledged by any future employer.


Right on, thank you for the recommendations!


@Chlerix, I really like lynda.com, though it costs $19/$30 dollars after the free 30 day trial period.

Edx.org is a good site with free classes and freecodecamp.org has a weeks/month(s) long program for free where you progress through structured exercises across various coding languages. At the end of the 600 hour (I made this number up) program you have the chance to be paired with another “graduate” and Freecodecamp will assign a project manager and a nonprofit in need to your team to code something for the nonprofit. I am only 20% through one of their programs right now and I like it.

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nice, are their programs recognized or acknowledged programs for the sake of future employers? i have been doing the treehouse front end developer just for a hobby project im almost half way done that and have seen that they have a thing called “tech degree” which is quite a bit, 200 a month but they seem to get you on the path to a employer but they are not “acknowledged”