Where to get Edgeware

Hi guys,

Hope you are all doing well.

I’m finding some difficulty to find an exchange to buy Edgeware. Any recommendations? As I don’t know much about the exchanges yet I don’t know one that could be trustable.

I’m using Uniswap for most of the coins. Couldn’t get Aergo there tho. I will try with OKEX.

Edgeware has been the hardest.


Check out the “markets” tab on coin gecko for a given coin. It will give you the list. I would be extremely careful with trusting 96.99999999994% of them. There are ways to vet the exchanges, but the other challenge is finding exchanges that aren’t banned in your locality. Good luck!

Yup. That’s exactly what I did my brother. Thanks for answering.
My doubt was related to which of those exchanges I could trust as I don’t know them.
I know there are some exchanges that Ivan doesn’t recommend.

Too many exchanges, even those that work sometimes seem sketchy and scammy.

Hiya I got Edgeware on Hotbit. Seemed to work ok

Thank you :+1:

Do you guys know if MXC is one of the exchanges not recommended by Ivan?