Which direction to take in my carreer in blockchain?

Hi Community,

Although I have received advice from my personal student advisor at the Academy, I would greatly appreciate advice from different members of the community, with different ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

I don’t know which direction to take in my blockchain career. I have a degree in Management and Public Administration and I worked almost 15 years as Administrative Manager in two city councils in Spain. I quit my job and worked as a Coach and Virtual Assistant in Sweden.
When I discovered blockchain technology and what it can do for society, I knew that I wanted to know more about it. My vision for the future is to act as a bridge between blockchain startups and the Government, helping the Public Administration to understand how this technology can improve administrative processes and startups to obtain public service contracts. But I think that it is still too early for Public Administrations to want to adopt this technology. Do you think I could do something like that in the future?

For now I am thinking of studying a postgraduate degree to help me find a job in a startup as soon as possible. I wonder what to do and also if my age (I am 42 years old) is a disadvantage. I think I would like to do customer service, UX design, or operations management. I am good at law (I studied Administrative and Tax Law in my career) but I am not a lawyer. I may take the Academy programming courses, but I don’t see myself as a developer.

Is there someone here who works in the industry and can advise me? What do you think is the best way for me in this industry to get a job without being a developer? I will appreciate your advice very much.