Who is Satoshi Nakamoto... your guess?

Who do you think Satoshi Nakamoto is and list your reasons why.
Here are a few key attributes that I believe are very likely to be true of Satoshi, but feel free to debate them.

  • Anti central banking
    • potentially anti-government
  • Pro open source
  • Minimalist lifestyle
  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Computer Science
  • Pro democratic republic
  • Pro free market

What are some more attributes, and who do you think fits the bill?

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It was Hal Finney. Im like 99% confident it was him or someone that knew him and Nick Szabo pretty well.


Good thought to list the attributes though. I think Economics doesnt actually matter. Its a matter of common sense and an understanding of the monetairy shitstem

Hal is a solid guess.

I would disagree about economics. The core utility of bitcoin is in direct competition to our current central banking system. In short, bitcoin is a decentralized banking system. To apply so much ingenuity to something to the extent of creating bitcoin, they had to have had a vast knowledge of economics and finance - just based on motive alone.

I really think you do not actually mean economy and there is absolutely no reason for satoshi to be educated in Economy. He/She/They just had a solid understanding of how the monetary shitstem works and what a possible solution might be. It is also because economy and trust are always combined. The whole idea about bitcoin is ofc also that there is no need for trusting any actors or participants, but that you can verify the information and how the system processes it yourself. Current economy; If you would not trust your supplier to make the transaction according to the agreement you had, you would not do business with it. But also; if you do not trust the central banks and governments to be transparant and have integrity, you would try to move away from the system (which is either really hard or impossible). In a decentralized economy; If a certain protocol, merchant, system, client etc… can not be trusted, it will simply be exposed once it reaches any significant scale.

Also, in the time the btc whitepaper came, there was already some period of global financial uncertainty. It became easy to quickly read up on criticism against the current monetairy system. Maybe in some circles it might have even been the main topic at the bridge club :stuck_out_tongue:

check the todays drama about this at post